Balancing Act

It’s a day off for me, which is rare these days. If I’m not at work, I’m usually catching up around the house, running errands, or pricing items to resell. I’m in over my head, most likely, but we’re really trying to make this adventure work for us…without killing my love of all things days-gone-by, would be nice.

My approach has been to curate items I know someone will love, but waiting for perfect matches won’t always cover the space I’m renting, and it may never cover all the expenses of life. So, my husband and I walk a line of sorts, one written in chalk, but growing more permanent for me, and less so for him.

He sees how other people make their money, and their ends meet, by selling new stuff at lower prices than the stores currently carrying them. I see it, too, I just let it be their thing and have zero desire to make it mine. I’m too in love with the truly vintage and awesomely antique to let my space become one that belongs in a flea market.

Don’t get me wrong, flea markets are the jam. I’m just all for keeping things in their place, and maintaining the vibes each creates.

So, I fight the good fight by giving up my days off, most of the time. Acquiring, researching, pricing, listing, tagging, staging…whatever it takes to get ahead of the conversation again. I just cannot pour myself into something I don’t love and believe in, and I have zero desire to sell just for the sake of selling.

I’m all about rescuing things from time, and getting them into the right hands and homes. Nothing against bins divers, it’s just not for me. I love that it’s for them. Like, genuinely love it. I love the community of resellers and all the various avenues we tread. I love how we all share some of our secrets and all of our excitement. I cannot tell you how supportive and encouraging these new people in my life are to one another, and to me. It’s a wonderful thing to watch and be part of.

Today’s a day off. I’m not reminding you so much as I’m reminding myself.

Sure, my shelves need more items, and my items need to get off my living room floor. Sure, all these books aren’t gonna hop into my Etsy shop on their own. Sure, I could be washing a dish or ten or twenty million. My body needs other things, though, and that’s why I need to focus on today. Rest. Laughter. Daydreams. Repeat.

P.S. I hit publish and started working on books. Like I knew I would.






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